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1 日本神户 5月14-16日
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13-15 SEPTEMBER 2020
The IJL Story 63’s
Established in London in the fifties, Inter national Jewellery London (IJL) enjoys a heritage of showcasing the best of luxury materials, design and craftsmanship, and i$ the pre-eminent annual destination for the best of British fine jewellery, as well as leading branch from around the globe.

IJL takes pride in its emerging talent programme and works with strategic partners to ensure that both new and established designers* work is exhibited in September each year, when trends are unveiled and I he jewellery industry meets in the creative capital of the world. IJL piays a pivotal role in the jewellery sector, as both influencer and mentor to many in the industry.

I儿 is where heritage and cutting edge combine through innovation, design, beauty, skill and vision.
We look forward to seeing you at IJL, 13-15 September 2020 at Olympia, right in the heart of London – the UK* s style capital.

HOMI Fashion&Jewels (19-22.09.2020)
Fiera Milano – Strada Statale del Sempione, 28 – 20017 Rho

Fashion accessories are fashion themselves and HOMI Fashion & Jewels is their show: bijoux, and more, find their stage and their link with fashion.
Thanks to a new format, designed to talk about trends’, give value to the research and amaze those looking for news and trends. A unique meeting opportunity for designers, distributors and retailers. This is HOMI Fashion & Jewels.