The precious precious jewelry shop is within the shopping center and you also hand the worker the band combined with the papers.

You watch for forty 5 minutes it and you look around at all the shiny elegant jewelry as they polish. The worker provides you with the band and you see the importance glow it shows. “ I’m able to inform your spouse actually really loves you, that is the many costly band we have actually, ” the worker informs you. You smile at him and nod, “ Yes, he does indeed love me personally. Many thanks for your work, ” the ring is put by you on and leave the shop. You walk around since you have nothing else to do, “ Y/N!, ” you hear some one phone your title. You turnaround to see Namjoon together with his dimples that are deep smiling and waving their hand. “ Wow, we have actuallyn’t seen you in forever, ” he walks in your direction and provides you a hug. You might be engulfed inside the embrace and you laugh, “ Yeah, it is good to see you, did your legs get longer? He brings aside away from you and chuckles, “ No, they didn’t, it is exactly the same length. But just exactly exactly how are you currently? ” You twiddle with all the band on your own hand and had been planning to respond until he offered you a amazed phrase. Oh, he believes your hitched, you need to fool around with him. “ I’ve been great, i’ve a husband that is wonderful two men, and I also simply found down I’m pregnant. Hopefully, it is a lady, ” you answer seriously but inside you’re dying to laugh. “ Holy shit, that’s crazy delay until-” You were going to say simply joking and soon you hear somebody call Namjoon, you move to see him. Jungkook.

He does not appear to notice you since he’s whining to Namjoon as to how he left him alone into the shop, but prevents when he finally views you chatuebate.

Their eyes widen in which he stutters on their terms. You have actuallyn’t seen him in forever and you also observe how various he appears, their locks is much longer and their face appears older. Your heart flutters a little but quickly ignore it. “ Jungkook, appearance who i came across. Is not it she’s that is crazy and it has children! And she’s pregnant, which by the way you really need to ask me personally to the child bath, ” you had been surprised that Namjoon was saying all of this.

You can’t simply tell him you had been kidding, that will cause you to appear to be a fool. This may additionally be the opportunity to hangout and start to become buddies with Jungkook, over him he won’t have to worry about me being in love with him if he sees your married and your completely. It’s a plan that is perfect.

“ Hi, Jungkook, it is been awhile. Namjoon we could’ve told him dozens of plain things, ” you laugh only a little. Jungkook talks about your hand that is left and to your stomach. “ Your married? Why didn’t you let me know or ask us to the marriage? We promised that individuals could be at each and every other’s weddings, ” he furrowed their eyebrows. You can’t comprehend their tone, it is a combination of hurt and anger. “ You promised which you could not missed my birthday…, ” you jokingly answer but he does not laugh, he simply looks more hurt. “ Uhh, I became joking…, ” you nervously fiddle using the band hand. Namjoon looks uncomfortable, and switches discussion, speaking about buying their bakery that is own with. Your in immerse because of the conversation and appear into the part as Jungkook just stares you down. Namjoon phone bands and lets you know he’s got to use the call. Which makes you and Jungkook alone.

“ We should get together again, ” Jungkook claims to you personally. In this example, anybody would assume that you and Jungkook had been ex-lovers.

You and Jungkook aren’t ex-lovers.

“ exactly exactly just What? ” you state straight away. He gently grabs your hand that is left and at the band glow.

“ Leave him, let’s get back to just how things had been, you might use the children with you. I’ll help they are raised by you. I would like to manage to visit your face everyday and go directly to the restaurant, you’ll be able to grumble as to how sugar that is much place. We had been fucking stupid in the past, We destroyed my companion since I had been desperate for intercourse. We overlooked your feelings…I ignored it, god you fucking adored me and addressed you so very bad, ” he pleads for you along with his eyes look glossy. “ exactly what are wanting to state Jungkook, your confusing me, ” you put your hand against their cheek, caressing it. “ i would like you during my life as my companion, girlfriend, wife, a soulmate. Simply simply Take me personally anyhow you prefer. These years without you’ve got been colorless. Perhaps it is too late to say it but you are loved by me. ” You constantly dreamed to listen to him state those expressed terms, and now he’s saying them to you and also you begin crying. “ Okay, let’s get together again, ” you lean forward and kiss him. He instantly responds towards the kiss and pulls you closer by the waistline. Your finally kissing their soft lips along with your fingers have been in their hair that is long it softly. Their hands go right down to your squeeze and ass them. You groan then again take away you realize you guys were in public from him when. “ Ahh, Jungkook…we shouldn’t repeat this right right here, ” he continues peppering kisses and nuzzles into the throat. “Mmpfh, fine, ” he takes out of one’s throat and provides you their signature bunny look. “ would you think your children will require to me personally? I am hoping they are doing, i could help them learn simple tips to play video and basketball games, ” he ponders and rubs your stomach. You blush when this gesture is done by him, you’ll want to simply tell him the facts. “ Jungkook, I’m maybe not married…and we don’t have actually kids. This-it’s not really my band, it is Nayeon’s, we went along to have it refined on her…” you state quietly and feel him stop rubbing your belly. “ I became messing with Namjoon but wasn’t in a position to state simply joking as you arrived. And I also thought possibly it couldn’t be bad I sound stupid, ” you see him blankly staring at you for you to be my best friend since I’m ‘married’…god. “ Do you really love me personally?, ” he asked really. “ we don’t think we ever stopped loving you, ” you state confidently. He offers you quick peck and grabs your hand leading you back again to the precious precious jewelry store. “ What makes we right right here, Jungkook?, ” you ask him as you look at the wedding rings while he goes behind you. “ Pick any band you need my love, I would like to marry you just as feasible, ” he whispered in your ear. He then grinds behind you, “ And then fill you up with my children, ” he bites your ear teasingly. The exact same worker whom had helped you before offers you a baffled appearance and also you turn red, nonetheless it does not matter since Jungkook is appropriate beside you.

The two of you are laying naked during sex, panting loudly in each arms that are other’s. He brings your hand up taking a look at the wedding band and kisses each hand. You add your other side on the belly experiencing a small bloated because of the amount that is excessive of he arrived to. You smile joyfully, imagining holding their kids.

“ Y/N, uhh…you understand simply asking…who did you lose your virginity to-you don’t have actually to inform me personally in the event that you don’t would you like to, ” he shrugs and looks away nervously.

“Umm, Taehyung, ” you inform him gradually.

“Ohh okay…wait what? ” he says ludicrously. “ guess what happens it does not matter, I like you Y/N”

“ Everyone loves you too, and it also had been just a few times, ” you say tiredly and cuddle into their upper body.

“ A couple times! … wait Y/N don’t rest just yet, just how several times did you dudes take action. Ended up being he a lot better than me…never mind don’t answer that question…, you lightly” he whines and shakes. But your too quite happy with his warmth and continue to get into a slumber that is deep.

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